Computers and Technology

What is Open Source Software?

You might have heard the term ‘open source software’ before, but you are probably unsure exactly what it is. If you are familiar with the world of Bitcoin is likely to be something you’ve come across. If not then it could well be an alien concept to you. But, you need to make sure you understand what open source software is because it plays a big role in the digital world. Simply put, open source software is software that comes…

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Incredible Mobile Technology We’re Going to See By 2020

Technology is changing so rapidly, and everything seems to be going mobile these days. Think about the impact and influence that smartphones have had and how much they improve and benefit our lives. It’s no secret that mobiles are the future of the digital and tech worlds, and that’s why so much time and money is being spent developing new mobile technology.   We’ve reached the stage now where technology is rapidly progressing, and innovative ideas are now taking a…

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What is the Future of the Online Payment?

Invention of electronic payment was a great move towards growing the economies all around the world. Paypal, Skrill and 2checkout are among the most renowned companies that have really thrived in online payments using electronic dollars and other currencies. Dollars and other normal currencies are controlled by a central authority, and this means that it can tinker with monetary policy and cause a meltdown. The controlling authority can decide to take people’s electronic dollars away from them.

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