Technology is changing so rapidly, and everything seems to be going mobile these days. Think about the impact and influence that smartphones have had and how much they improve and benefit our lives. It’s no secret that mobiles are the future of the digital and tech worlds, and that’s why so much time and money is being spent developing new mobile technology.


We’ve reached the stage now where technology is rapidly progressing, and innovative ideas are now taking a few years rather than decades. So, let’s take a look at some of the mobile technology we can expect to see and use, by the year 2020.


Ultra Thin Screens


We’re starting to move towards this technology already, but we could see even thinner screens by 2020. Mobile phone manufacturers are doing all they can to make their screens as thin as possible these days, and we will have more technology you be able to achieve that. Paper thin OLED surfaces look to be the way forward, and we could well see all modern phones sporting these once 2020 hits. We could also see computers following suit, with many screens and surfaces becoming more computational.


Universal Translation


You’d think we would already have this, but we aren’t quite there yet. By 2020 we should see universal translation across all mobile devices. That means that no matter what the language is, translation will be easy. This is already in the works with Google Translate being further developed, and DARPA under development as well. The Cloud will also play a massive role in the process as well, and that is something we should definitely expect to see.




Biometrics is an area of technology and science that many of his have limited knowledge of. But, that could all change when it comes to the future because biometric technology on smartphones looks to be the future. This is where people can be identified by the likes of retinal scans, fingerprint scanning, etc. This is already in effect at a rudimentary level with some of the newer iPhones. But it will definitely be more commonplace by the time 2020 comes around.