You might have heard the term ‘open source software’ before, but you are probably unsure exactly what it is. If you are familiar with the world of Bitcoin is likely to be something you’ve come across. If not then it could well be an alien concept to you. But, you need to make sure you understand what open source software is because it plays a big role in the digital world.

Simply put, open source software is software that comes with a license which allows people to change, modify, and share it if they wish to. The term started out as something that applied only to software developers, but it’s now something that affects all of us.

The ‘source code’ in the software is the part that most people and computers never get to see. And it can be used to change or manipulate how software programmes work. The difference between open source software and other types of software is that other software has source codes that can only be changed or altered by the creators. With open source, anybody can make changes at any time for whatever reason.

So what is open source software predominantly used for? Well, it can be used for many different things, but one of the main ones these days is in the business world. The software can be used enhance or advance your business in some way. You could use it for development, security, collaboration, and data storage If you wanted to.

Another area we see open source software being used is with regards to Bitcoin. See, the whole Bitcoin network runs using open source software. Details of Bitcoin transactions and registrations are kept in a digital ledger that is updated every time. This showcases the huge benefits of having open source software when dealing with things.

The mining software used to mine Bitcoin also incorporates many of the elements of open source software too. This is really important for making sure Bitcoin is secure and accessible, and keeping the entire network running as it should be. Without access to open source software, people would struggle to keep up with transactions, and there would be chaos.

As you can see, open source software plays a hugely iconic and influential role in the business world. It’s something that looks to be possibly the future of the business world. If you’re unfamiliar with open source software, try to learn more about it before it becomes mainstream.