Vera John is a popular web based slots machine platform that has made a daring move towards the end of 2014. The website, despite controversy and an unpredictable stigma, has begun to accept Bitcoin from its users. Players can now play with their saved bitcoins on any of the 300 various games Vera John has available.

It is a provocative move from Vera John because of the nature of bitcoin. The website, though, is perfectly suited for the task. The games are coherent and well-designed, and additional player bonuses exist around every corner.

So what is it about bitcoin that is so appealing? There are tens of thousands of people looking for ways to spend bitcoin. This does not mean they lack a value. There is an understanding that bitcoin is remaining consistent, and any major fluctuations now will occur when the allotted number of coins in the system has reached its maximum. Coins are obtained through the use of compurer mining hardware which goes beyond the scope of this article. This is predicted to occur around 2017.

For now, they are sitting in an account awaiting use, and Vera John has filled that void. This is despite all the odd facts about the digital currency. For one, its creator is still unknown, and he or she has always worked under an alias known as Satoshi Nakamato. Furthermore, bitcoin can be transferred to anyone in the world in an instant. This is no exaggeration and is part of the broad global-based appeal of the cryptocurrency.

Users that play with bitcoin store their coins in an ewallet approved and used by all bitcoin users. This wallet is identified with a specific ID number. Users send bitcoin by using that identification. Users can choose to remain anonymous with their coins if they so choose.

Bitcoin is completely decentralized. There is no overarching body. Vera John has jumped into the deep end of this bizarre new revolution. 2015 will help determine if the decision was a wise one, but considering the buzz around bitcoin and the increase in userbase, it is shaping up to play out perfectly well for the budding gambling site.